Danton Burroughs, grandson of Edgar Rice Burroughs, is currently president of Edgar Rice Burroughs, Inc., founded by his grandfather in 1923 to handle the merchandizing of Tarzan and his other literary creations. Danton has two daughters, Dejah and Llana, named for heroines in his grandfather's Martian books. He lives in Tarzana, California, and has placed many important memorabilia items on permanent loan to the Burroughs Memorial Collection in Louisville, such as early textbooks (going back to preschool primers), signed presentation copies with the author's original cartoons on the first preliminary leaves, the military cape worn by Burroughs at the Michigan Military Academy in 1892, his personal WWII papers, identification cards, briefcase, safety razor, cigarette case, fountain pen, and correspondence. He plans to spend most of his time in Louisville visiting antique shops, but he will take time to show home movies taken by his grandfather at the Friday afternoon film festival at the Ekstrom Library. In this image, Danton is holding a shrunken human head of a Borneo headhunter.